send the wolves

i planned on celebrating my b-day by catching up on freak camp but then life clocked me one and handed me a reality check

@1:38am on 6 Feb7+
freak camp;  i miss you dearly;  life gets in the way of so much shit seriously;  
  1. faege said: IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY. I AM A HORRIBLE PERSON. I made a note of it so I wouldn’t miss it and everything. :woe: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! Want me to kick life’s butt for you?
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    Oh no! *massive hugs* I’m incredibly flattered that you wanted that to be a birthday activity. Hope you get a chance to...
  3. psychofink said: OMG I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
  4. quickreaver said: Aw, happy berfday anyway, you lovely soul, you!
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