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[redacted images of AO3 summaries of G-rated gen fics]

In conclusion, fuck everyone who thinks a fic isn’t interesting if it doesn’t have sex in it, or a pairing, or something triggery that needs a warning.  G-rated gen is beautiful.  G-rated gen is wonderful.  G-rated gen doesn’t mean that a fic is safe, padded, comfortable, and is just all pastel colors with no depth.  Have you read “Goodnight Room”?  There’s some nightmare fuel for you.

#whenever I see this kind of attitude I just get so filled with rage #and it’s not just because I write G-rated gen #but because it just confirms for me a lot of what I have problems with with fandom #this idea that a relationship is necessary for a story to be good #this idea that sex is necessary for a story to be good #do people not see a problem with that #do people not see how that reflects broader social issues #this concept that lonely = bad and that asexual or not having sex = bad #sure yes I understand that fandom is an escape #and that people have personal preferences with their story reading #but when there’s almost this fandom-wide pressure to write slash and porn lest you be shoved off to the sidelines #and your fic considered unworthy or boring without even a moment’s consideration #that’s what bothers me #there’s so much exploration of so many concepts in g-rated gen #backstories #friendships #canonbending #sometimes even exploration of relationships #g-rated gen is an incredibly rich genre #and fuck everyone who just totally ignores it because it doesn’t have sex violence gore whatever #on some level I wonder if this is also why people discredit children’s shows and children’s books #because they’re ‘tame’ and because they’re ‘boring’#hah #go pick up some children’s books and children’s shows sometime and REALLY read them #there’s some quality subversion and social commentary in a lot of them

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    Absolutely! My fics rarely have sex in them at all. Usually, the reason they are rated ‘T’ or ‘M’, is because they...
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